Why a Little Research Could Earn You a Higher CNA Salary


The continuous downturn in the economy since the last 5 years has profoundly affected the employment scenario of the country and earning capacity of the people. The situations in some areas are so acute that many families are unable to put a roof over their head, or cover up their bare basic family costs.The unemployment catastrophe is clearly evident from the employment report released by the American Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS). The report states that the unemployment rate of the nation was 8.1% for 2012 and 7.6% in Mar 2013. In a few states, the situation is more alarming and severe, and if you believe the BLS report, the unemployment rate is 8.5% to more than 9.5% in the US States of California, Washington D.C., Georgia, Indiana and Illinois. Even, other States are also not left behind and passing through similar job scarcity and massive employees layoffs.The unemployment severity has also put a question mark on the career building opportunities for individuals, students, working professionals and housewives, but there is still a hope left for them because health care field of the country is least affected by the economic downslide and offering thousands of nursing jobs. The demands for nursing care professionals, including CNAs are so high throughout the nation that the hospitals, nursing homes and other health care settings are facing a nursing shortage.Nurse Aides, after certified, receives a title of “Certified Nursing Assistant”, and allowed to work legally in varied health care settings. The knowledge and skills earned by them through CNA Classes provide them expertise in direct patient cares field and they are hired for offering long-term routine cares to elderly residents, chronically and critically ill patients, and individuals who are regaining health from a long illness, injury or post-surgery.The earnings of nursing assistants are also sufficient to meet their day-today expenses, but it is also worth noting that CNA salary paid to a certified nursing assistant is not uniform in facilities and different States. There are certain factors that play a crucial role in deciding their earnings. The Job location, Education, Working Hours, Experience and Working Position are few issues that have a say in fixing nursing salaries.Nursing Assistant salary structure among the US States is also not uniform, but varies state to state. Alaska, Connecticut, Nevada, New Hemisphere, D.C., Hawaii, Maryland are few states that are ranked among the top nursing assistant paying states, whereas Idaho, Mississippi, South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Alabama are listed as low CNA salary paying states.Therefore, a little research on the issues that impact CNA salary can surely assist you in stepping up your own income in direct patient care jobs. You must also understand that nursing aide career not only solve your basic family costs, but also provide you sufficient work experience that will help when you continue your advance level education for advance degrees and certificates.


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